Ketika Sharma

Birth name: Ketika Sharma
Date of Birth: 25 December 1995
Age: 23 years
Zodiac: Capricorn
Home Town: Delhi
Country: India
Height: 165 cm
Hair Color: Dark brown
Eyes Color: Dark Brown
Sexual Orientation: Straight
Ethnicity: East Indian


About Ketika Sharma

Ketika Sharma is a popular model and social celebrity in India. Recently, she has gone viral over the internet because of her dubsmash video clip. In this video clip, she is looking stunning. Recently she was gone viral over the internet because of his dubsmash video clip. She is looking stunning and everybody wants to know her and start to find information on the internet.

Delhi-based Katika Sharma is very popular on social sites. She became an Internet celebrity with a video. Social sites have become the easiest way to celebrate someone these days. People are getting popular by uploading their photos and videos every day. Ketika Sharma, who lives in Delhi, has also kept her fans on social sites with her videos and photos. 

Ketika made a video star. Actually, he uploaded a dubbed video and uploaded it to the internet, which was seen to be viral. That video made Ketika as an Internet star. Not only that, they follow 1 Million people on the Instagram, while four thousand people have liked Facebook. Ketika has also worked for many modeling agencies. Currently, he is making his career in the field of acting and singing.

Ketika Sharma on the web

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